Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Currently

Currently I'm...

READING: The General Discussion forum for World of Warcraft...I'm such a nerd, I know...

WRITING: This post.

LISTENING: Normally I have the radio on, but right now there is no music. I can hear dogs barking and kids playing outside though. And of course my babies playing inside.

THINKING: Of posts I need to write for the week and how I haven't posted much lately!

SMELLING: Clean baby smell after they just took a bath.

WISHING: That The Walking Dead was starting already!!

HOPING: That the boys sleep better tonight and only wake up once to eat.

WEARING: I'm actually wearing clothes for once. Well, that sounds like I run around naked, but really I just wear pajamas most of the day.

LOVING: The roasted parmesan green beans that we had for dinner just now! They are awesome and addicting.

WANTING: Some of the yummy banana bread I have in the fridge. It's my third time making it because it's so good. Plus the first time it turned out perfect, second and third times I can't get it to cook all the way in the middle for some reason and I'm trying to figure out why.

FEELING: Like I need to work out more! All I've been talking about is food here...

CLICKING: Pinterest! Looking for recipes for the week. (Food again!)

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  1. MMM! Love Banana bread and pumpkin. I was just thinking about how I need to start working out more especially with Thanksgiving coming up.. Aww I feel like nothing smells better than a sweet clean babe! And YES! The walking dead needs to start asap ;)



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