Friday, August 16, 2013

30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge (Abs, Arms & Squats)

Want to know some awesome news? I decided to try on a few more of my regular jeans this week and they fit this time! How exciting is that?! I haven't really lost any weight in the last few weeks, it's been about the same, so I figured my pants still wouldn't fit right. That is why I was so surprised. This working out must actually be working a little bit. It's very slow, much slower than I would like, but eventually I will get to where I want to be! 

I decided to come up with a 30 day fitness challenge. I'm starting today and very excited about it! If anyone wants to join me, feel free to check it out. It's really fairly easy I think, and shouldn't be too hard for anyone to do. I'm sure it is way too easy for anyone who has been working out regularly. I think last time I talked about doing sit ups I wasn't able to do one, but thankfully I am now able to again. Now this isn't the only thing I'm doing for a workout, but just a fun challenge for myself to try to do. It helps me to have a goal to work towards and who doesn't like a challenge? (Maybe that's just me, I'm way too competitive.)

I have also been eating more fresh fruits and vegetables than I ever have before and trying to drink one full glass of water before each meal. I even decided that I like cucumbers, which previously I didn't really care for. So here is my 30 day fitness challenge for myself and anyone else who wants to join me. If you have any suggestions about it, please let me know. Remember if you are working out after a pregnancy and your abs are still separated, doing sit ups and crunches will only make them worse, so you probably won't want to do this challenge.

30 Day Fitness Challenge (Abs, Arms & Squats)

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  1. What a great idea Stephanie! You might be moving a little too fast for me, but I'm up for the challenge. I've recently started running and that is whipping my butt. After 4 babies, my abs are incredibly week and I need to get them back in shape. Thanks for sharing this with our Get Fit Friday hop. I know our readers will surely be inspired by you. It is really great to have you as part of our Get Fit Friday family. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Great article Stephanie! I came across you blog on the Friday Fitness Linky Paty (100lb Countdown) I'm following you via Bloglovin' and Twitter! Please follow me back. Have a great weekend!


  3. I'm so impressed with your dedication because I know you're not getting any sleep! ;) taking care of yourself makes you a better mom though. I tried on some of my "skinny" pants today and they fit! Such a great feeling



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