Monday, August 5, 2013

Helpful Tips For Increasing Your Milk Supply

Helpful Tips for Increasing Your Milk Supply

Tips for increasing milk supply while pumping was supposed to be my "real" post today. I try every night to write up the post for the next day, but most of the time I end up going to bed without it being written and trying to write it the next morning. Which is what happened today. But now here it is: helpful tips I have found to increase my breast milk supply. 

My babies have been getting hungrier every day it seems like. Now they are eating between 3 and 5 ounces each feeding and it's hard to get them to go longer than two hours between feeds. So that ends up being a lot of milk that we need. So far it's been going great. I haven't had any extra lately, but we have had enough. Hopefully that continues. If not here are some things to try:

Drink lots and lots of water. Make sure you are well hydrated. 

Eat oatmeal every day. It has to be the non-instant kind though.

Get enough sleep...this one sounds like wishful thinking, especially for new mamas in the first couple of months. Unless you are one of the lucky ones whose baby sleeps through the night at 6 weeks.

Try not to get too stressed. This one also can be hard with a brand new baby. Trust me, I know. Make sure you ask for help if you need it. 

Some supplements that you can take if needed include: Fenugreek, Mother's Milk Tea, Alfalfa and Brewer's yeast. You could even make some lactation cookies if you prefer.

When you are pumping, increase the amount of times you pump as well as the amount of time spent pumping.

Make sure you are pumping for at least 15 minutes each time. 

Milk production is highest between 1am and 5am...Just when you wanted to get up and pump, right?

Rent a hospital grade pump if you need to. 

You can also use a heating bad and massage your breasts while pumping.

Pump after you shower.

Are the breast shields you are using the right size? That will also help.

If you are pumping at work or somewhere else without your baby, you can try looking at a picture of your baby while pumping.

What else have you found to help you? I've only been pumping for 6 weeks now and it is not fun. I'm hoping to last the entire year. If you were exclusively pumping, how long did you do it for? I am curious to hear other people's stories.


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  1. Great refresher for me! Loved this post. Have a great tuesday!!

    1. Thanks! I hope you have a great week as well :)

  2. I needed this today. I'm also pumping exclusively for my newborn twins and need to increase my low supply. Stopping by from blog hop.

    1. It's a lot of work, isn't it? I hope everything is going good with your new babies! I stopped by your blog, those babies are super cute :)

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