Monday, August 5, 2013

A Night With My Dear Baby Boys

Last night was such a rough night. I'm not sure why but these boys are so noisy and last night they decided to take turns being wide awake and refusing to sleep. I think they have mixed up their days and nights. Here is what our night looked like:

10:30pm - I go to sleep after feeding the boys and getting them to sleep and pumping

12:45am - Hunter wakes up and I change him and feed. 

1:00am - Connor wakes up as well, so I wake up my husband to feed him since I'm still feeding Hunter.

1:15am - Time to pump, Connor is still eating.

1:30am Connor doesn't want to eat very much but is still wide awake in his bed. My husband is sleeping again. Connor decides it is time to be awake and have random screaming fits for no reason. This goes on while I try different things to get him to sleep and feed him the rest of his bottle. 

3:30am - Finally I get Connor to sleep and I crawl back into bed.

4:05am - Hunter wakes up to eat again. Now it is his turn to not want to go back to sleep....

4:30am - My husband gets up and goes to work.

5:15am - Hunter and I are still awake and trying to get him to settle down. Connor starts making noises and I am afraid he will be awake again in a couple of minutes. I hear Jaden start talking on the monitor from his room...

5:30am - Jaden has turned from talking to crying loudly for some reason. Normally he sleeps until around 6 and doesn't get upset waiting to get up. I was supposed to pump at 5am so I start doing that and Connor starts screaming. Hunter is still awake next to me and fussy. Connor stops crying and goes back to sleep thankfully. I get up and settle Jaden down and beg him to go back to sleep for a few minutes. I finish pumping.

5:45am Jaden is upset again so I get him up and bring everyone out to the living room. Hunter is finally tired and sleeps in the swing. I feed Connor again and he goes to sleep right away afterwards. Jaden is very tired and fussy so I feed him some breakfast...everyone is finally happy and content (for a few minutes at least!) and look at that, it's morning! 

I can honestly say that this is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is still early though, I'm sure the day will get better! It usually does after I eat breakfast and have some coffee...

How is your Monday going so far?


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  1. So sorry to hear it was such a rough night. Good news is you got through it and you were able to write a posting!

    I hope tonight is much better for you.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. That's true :) I hope you are having a good week!

  2. I really hope those nights are few for your sake.

    Hopefully tonight will be a little (ok a lot) better. :)

    1. Thanks, so do I! :) Have a great week!

  3. You have my complete sympathy! I had newborn twins when my son was 26 months old. I can remember (if a little hazy) what it was like just trying to get some sleep in those early days. My son is 8 now and the twins are 6, and they sleep all night and have done for what seems like years now. Those sleepless nights seem like a distant memory for me. It really will get easier in time :-)

    1. Oh that is good to hear, lol. Right now it seems like it will be a long time before it gets better. I hope you and your family are having a good week!

  4. Oh wow. Hope today was better. Wish I lived closer and could help ya out or even take Jaden out for a while. Hope the coffee gets you through!!!

    1. That'd be awesome if you lived closer, maybe you guys should move up to Fargo! :P How are your boys doing these days? I hope you are having a good week so far :)

  5. Sounds really rough! I think sleep deprivation is my worst fear about having twins and a toddler. You just have to try and remember it will get better, just sounds so difficult when you have two to settle. I hope they have a few good nights for you!

    1. Yeah it's pretty rough at times but we will get through it! Hopefully your babies are good sleepers for you once they get here :)



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