Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall Bucket List

I know its not officially fall yet, but school has already started here so even though it is about 95 degrees outside, it feels like fall is pretty much here. Besides, it's always good to plan ahead, right? That's something I need to get better at...

It's really strange that just as school is starting we get just about the hottest weather we've had all summer. It's been a weird year for weather, that's for sure. Summer is great, I love being outside in the sun and going to the lakes and all that fun stuff, but fall is my favorite season! I love the crisp air and the crunchy leaves! I miss Minnesota for that, we barely have any trees here and none at all in our yard. No raking leaves for us sadly. 

Another reason I love fall is that my birthday is in November. (Which means I'm only a couple short months away from thirty, yikes!) Every few years it falls on Thanksgiving which is awesome, I get pumpkin pie for my birthday! I used to not like cake, that has recently changed, although I hate white cake still. I also don't really like ice cream. I know, I'm way too picky. Want to know what else I secretly don't like: peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and olives. I don't like to tell people this because I sound like a little kid! (Except my kid loves these things).

So here it is, our bucket list for this fall. Hopefully we are able to check off most of these things!

Fall Bucket List

So what about you? What is on your fall bucket list this year?

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  1. This is adorable!!! &&& Definitely includes everything that is needed for a fabulous fall! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Me either! It's the best time of year :D



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