Thursday, October 17, 2013

16 Month Update!

Today my oldest little boy is 16 months old! He's growing up so fast. I had to give him about three haircuts already his hair gets so long and curly in the back. He's walking better but still trips all over the place of course. Just the other day he tripped over something and fell on his forehead and almost instantly this huge bump popped up. That's the part I hate about him learning to walk. 

16 Month Update

He has also turned into quite the little parrot. It's so cute! He's learning some new words. I usually know what he's saying but I doubt if anyone else would yet. He's also loving his Curious George show that he gets to watch when I pump during the day. He loves his little brothers and always tries to help when they are crying or spitting up by shoving their pacifiers in their face. He tries so hard but is just too rough for them still! 

He is also jealous of any attention they get at the same time. I'm hoping he gets better about this soon. I try to spend as much time with him as possible. Oh and one of the babies just rolled over from stomach to back for the first time today! They are also getting so big so fast! I was comparing pictures of my oldest when he was about the same age as them and they look nothing alike. Little man looks exactly like me (or so I am told) and the babies look like my husband. What do you think? The one in the middle is my oldest.

3 Month Comparison

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  1. Aw. He's so cute! My son is 11 months old and his hair also gets long and curly in the back. He's totally bald on top though. Gotta love the AC Slater mullet! LOL.

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    1. lol! that's awesome, I'm sure he's a little cutie :)

  2. I never have any idea about who babies look like, but I do know that they sure are cute!!!

  3. I feel like my kids always have a bump over one eyebrow from about 12m to 2 years old! It just means they are learning and having fun, keep up the good work :)



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