Sunday, September 8, 2013

Update on My Babies (Two Months)

My little boys are growing like weeds! Well, technically they are still very small for their age, but they are much bigger than when they were born. They are still wearing a few newborn sized clothes, but are fitting nicely into 0-3 months finally. They are also wearing size 1 diapers. So far we haven't had to buy any diapers for them because of what we had leftover from little man and from what people gave us, which is awesome (since we still have to buy diapers for little man).

At their two month checkup they weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and 9 pounds 10 ounces. They are still around the 5th percentile for height but I'm not sure what the inches were. Pumping is still going great (although I hate it). I am pumping every 4-5 hours and still getting enough that I can freeze some every day. Which surprises me since they eat every 2-3 hours during the day. At night they generally sleep 4-5 hours. Usually one of them wakes up twice during the night and the other one wakes up once. But they do like to wake up bright and early at 530 every morning just like their older brother used to do.

When they wake up in the middle of the night, one of them usually does not want to go back to sleep. So we usually end up moving out to the living room so that they can sleep in their swings and I can sleep on the couch. I hope they get better about this soon because I don't want them to get in the habit of sleeping in the swings too much. We hope to get them moved to their own room downstairs soon because then we will all sleep a little better I think.

Little man will be 15 months old this month, so he will have his checkup soon too. We will get to find out exactly how much he weighs and how tall he is. Last time we checked he was close to 30 pounds. He's still not walking on his own yet, only when we sit right by him and have him walk between us. He does walk on his knees everywhere, which seems like a lot more work to me.

Here's some cute pictures from the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen most of them already. I still don't know how we got such adorable little boys!

Update on My Babies (Two Months)

We were able to take a family picture for the first time since the boys were born:

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  1. 2 months already?! Wow! I hated pumping too, good to hear it's going well for you though.

    I love your family photo. Beautiful!

    Wishing you an amazing day.

    1. Thanks! <3 I can't wait to be done pumping and maybe I'll go burn the pump lol :)

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I love the family picture!

    I only pumped for one, I can't imagine pumping for two!! :)

    Hope your sleeping habits improve soon!

    1. Thanks! I hope they do too! lol :D
      Hope you are having a great weekend <3

  3. I loved seeing how much the boys have grown. I'm so glad its going so well. You seemed to be handling it so well. Good for you!

    1. Thanks Kate! I hope everything is going good for you guys as well :) Have a great weekend!



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