Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I LOVE Wednesdays (Baby Edition)

This week I'm doing a baby edition of What I LOVE. I'm sure some of you who have been following along will know why. Today is the BIG DAY! C-section is scheduled at noon, I wish it was sooner so I could get it over with. I'm super excited to meet my two little boys! I'm also really nervous about the surgery. If you are following me on Twitter or Facebook, I will be updating on how everything went later on! 

1. Nursery Wall Art // 2. Pacifier Pod // 3. Summer Infant SwaddleMe // 4. Star Wars Onesie
5. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair // 6. Hand Stamped Initial Necklace

1. This nursery wall art is adorable. I would love to make something similar. The quote is very sweet. My nursery is already decorated, however, so I won't be making this anytime soon. 

2. I've never seen this before I found it today. It's a very good idea. The pacifiers always get lost inside the bag for me. If I had a fancy diaper bag like that, I'd probably get one. I'm using a backpack though, it's much easier to carry when you have 3 babies to carry as well. 

3. I love these swaddlers. We used them with little man when he was first born and we are going to use them again with these two. It's much easier than trying to keep a blanket wrapped up around them. 

4. I know this is a little girl's onesie, but it's so cute! I should find something similar for little boys. We have so many onesies though, I don't think we need any more! 

5. We also use these space saver chairs and they are great. It's much better than having 3 extra high chairs in the kitchen. We had to get a bigger table set this summer because we didn't have enough chairs for everyone. Now we have 6 chairs and 3 will be taken up by these high chairs!

6. I want to get something like this for my kids. This one only comes with the two initials, so it wouldn't work for me, but it's very cute. I'm pretty picky about jewelry that I like, so its hard for me to find stuff that I would pay money for. I do really like this one though!

I hope you all have a great week! Keep an eye out for an update on the new babies! I'm not sure exactly when I will be getting home from the hospital, hopefully it will only be a couple of days. Please pray that everything goes smoothly for us today!


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  1. I absolutely love that wall art! I might have to get it for baby #2...whenever I get pregnant, of course! :)
    The Grass Skirt

  2. Congratulations & good luck! Can't wait for the update!

    New Mama Diaries

  3. Good luck! I used to use the small Tupperware containers to keep the binkies clean and easy to find in the diaper bag. I always look forward to internet babies pics!

  4. Good luck today!! so exciting!!! Definitely going to check Facebook for the update!! ;)

  5. OHHHH Great picks my dear!

    Thanks so much for following back :)

  6. I LOVE that nursery wall art! My girls are going to be sharing a room and I'd love to do something like this, too. Good luck today mama!! Can't wait to see photos of your precious babies.

  7. Good luck on the delivery! I can tell your super excited from this post :)

    I found out about your blog from the Blog Hop and I'm now following you. :) Can't wait to read more post in the future!
    xoxo -B ♡



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