Friday, May 3, 2013

the troublesome task of keeping the house clean

Maybe I'm the only one, but I seem to have a difficult time remembering to do every chore that should be done around the house every week. The house is generally clean and picked up, but I seem to mainly focus on the kitchen and living room areas and everything else gets neglected, sometimes for weeks on end.

Especially since I rarely even go down to the basement these days. Being seven months pregnant with twins is no joke. Little things like stairs make me winded. But that won't last forever, the end is in sight. Less than two months until my scheduled c-section and I can't wait to meet these little peanuts who have been squirming around inside me.

So I figured I need some sort of plan to tackle these household chores. I had seen a chart on Pinterest before that I know I pinned somewhere, but today I cannot find it anywhere. I mostly remember it though, so I decided to type up my own.

Now the hard part will be sticking to the schedule, but at least we now have a plan...

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