Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Update Post

Wow! It's been awhile since I've posted. I feel bad about that, but I've just been so busy lately, ugh. The babies are getting bigger and more active. They are so much fun and also so much work! They are sleeping much better at night, usually only waking up once each. They are now 4 months old. I'll post some recent pictures and some Halloween pictures at the end of the post! 

Let's see, what's been going on this past month...the boys had their 4 month appointment and we found out how much they weigh. They are both still tiny boys, height isn't even on the charts and Connor's weight isn't either. Hunter is almost a pound more than Connor and he is in the 2nd percentile. Connor was 11.9 and Hunter was 12.7! They have excellent neck strength and are rolling over from front to back all the time. Connor likes to scoot around on his back and ends up going all over the place. 

Jaden has been a little sick these past few days, I'm not sure what is wrong. Probably a stomach bug. Hopefully he gets better quick! So far today he hasn't thrown up yet. He is saying lots of new words and turning into quite the little parrot when he wants to. He has also learned how to climb up on the couch on his own now so he is having lots of fun with that. 

I've been doing lots of baking, as usual. I have a couple of awesome recipes to share in the next couple of days! I had a nice productive day yesterday and got a lot done. I'm also doing a fitness challenge this month and so far it's going great! It is crunches, leg lifts and planking. I'm excited to get to the end of the month and see if there is any changes! I've also been doing my easy workout a few days a week. The good news is I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Just need to do a little work on stomach muscles still. 

I have been working on getting the babies on a nice schedule these past few weeks. Of course the time change last weekend had to throw that all off, but I'm hoping they are getting back to the routine now. Pumping is still going great and my goal is to stop at 6 months. Maybe I'll change my mind and keep going, we will see what happens. I'm excited to start posting again!

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  1. The parrot stage is SO fun! We always taught our kids answers to really hard questions to impress people lol (of course they had no idea what they were saying)! Good work on the babies, soon you'll look back at these pictures and they will look so small :)

  2. They are too cute!! And wow, that is great that you are already at your pre-pregnancy weight, you are awesome!



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