Sunday, May 5, 2013

twenty-nine weeks already!

Time has been going fast but it also feels like I've been pregnant forever. Only 8 more weeks until the little ones will be forced to make an appearance if they haven't decided to before that.

Last week at 28 weeks I was measuring 33 weeks, which isn't too huge yet considering a lot of twin mamas measure 10 or more weeks ahead the whole time. I am very much ready to be done with this and meet my boys though. And get my own body back. It might sound selfish, but its the truth. I am not one of those that loves to be pregnant, I tolerate it because I absolutely love the end result. The 9 or 10 months getting to that point though, is not so fun.
Twins at 28 weeks from

The babies are about the size of an acorn squash this week. 15 to 16 inches long and about 2 1/2 pounds each. They are getting so crowded in there already, I can't imagine how it will be as they keep getting bigger. My two little peanuts are both measuring exactly the same size but are pretty small for their age. I'm trying to eat even more protein so that maybe they can catch up a little.

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